Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Award Recipients

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Award Recipient: Marlyse Rush
(Secondary Education)

Marlyse Rush is an undergraduate student in social sciences education. She is first-generation American citizen born to Cuban-Ecuadorian parents. Her goal is to pursue a Master’s Degree in Bilingual School Counseling.

Honorable Mention: Rosa Linda Garcia
(Elementary Education)

Rosa Linda Garcia is an undergraduate student in elementary education with a minor in women studies. She is very active in the community working for the Farmworkers Self-Help group, and passionate about helping migrant farm workers as a volunteer.


Award Recipient: Franz Villate
Secondary Education

Franz Villate is pursuing a master’s degree in Social Studies with an outstanding academic record. He is passionate about serving migrant workers through advocacy and finding ways to helping those in need here and abroad.

Honorable Mention: Monica Sleeter-Bermudez
English Education

Monica Sleeter-Bermudez is pursuing a master’s degree in English education. She is originally from Colombia and is the first in her family with a Bachelor’s degree. She is in her fifth year of teaching at Hillsborough High School.


Award Recipient: Liza Arango
School Psychology

Liza Arango is a doctoral student in school psychology and was nominated for the award by all program faculty. She graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors in her bachelor’s degree and is described as performing at the same level in her doctoral program.

Honorable Mention: Georgina Rivera Singletary
Special Education

Georgina Rivera Singletary is a doctoral student in special education.  Georgina’s personal journey is remarkable. She was a migrant farm worker who persevered against all odds and who is now building a successful career as a school administrator.