Donate to OLE!

The Outstanding Latino/a Educator (OLÉ) Awards committee needs your support through donations to the OLE Fund.

For the last 7 years the College of Education at the University of South Florida has honored students who exemplify and support outstanding education for Latinos/as through exemplary service, research, and academic performance.  Some of our previous award winners continue to exemplify and support outstanding Latino/a education for themselves and others in 2012. Here are some examples: Angel enrolled in the Ph.D. program under a leadership grant for community reform and was recently appointed to the position of assistant principal in a local public school.  Pablo was also recently appointed to an administrative position in a local public school, Paula is heading a fundraiser that will donate school supplies to students in Kenya, and Franz works as a public school teacher and youth leadership development counselor.

However, with budget cuts and a loss of funds from a major sponsor we are reaching out to COEDU community members who still recognize the value of education and educators and are willing to affirm and sustain such contributions. Thus, we are asking that you provide support by making a financial donation at the Diversity Committee Fund.

Donating for this Year's OLE Awards. To support this year's OLE Awards, the deadline to donate to the Diversity Fund in support of the Outstanding Latino Educator  (Ole) Award has been extended until September 16th (5pm EST).

Submitting Your Donation: To submit your donations, please go to the USF Foundation Donation page and choose fund number 210860 for College of Education Diversity Fund.

Thank you for your support!