Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 Award Recipients

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Award Recipient: Jocelyn Suarez 
(Secondary Education – Foreign Language Education)

Jocelyn is an undergraduate in elementary education. She is currently working on her Level III internship at St. Joseph Catholic School of Tampa. After Jocelyn finishes her undergraduate degree, she will enroll in the M.Ed. Program. Jocelyn was born in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

Honorable Mention: Alicia Fojaco 
(Special Education)

Alicia is pursuing her degree in special education and is currently in her senior year; she will be completing her final internship in the spring of 2010. Alicia has a strong grasp of the needs of students with disabilities and how to address those needs so that students have maximum access to the general education curriculum.


Award Recipient: Myriam Lindo 
(Special Education – Gifted Education)

Myriam Lindo is a teacher of the gifted in Miami, Florida and an ‘09 graduate of the USF M.A. Program in Gifted Education. Currently, Myriam holds a teaching position in Hialeah, Florida, where she works with gifted and talented students from Hispanic backgrounds.

Honorable Mention: María Carolina Paez 
(Secondary Education – Foreign Language Education)

María Carolina is currently a student in the MAT Foreign Language program. Her teaching experiences are in the P-K-6 setting and she has worked as volunteer tutoring English Language Learners.

Award Recipient: Patricia Rodríguez de Gil 
(Measurement & Evaluation and Secondary Education)

Patricia Rodríguez de Gil is doctoral student in the programs of Social Science Education and Measurement and Evaluation. Patricia, a native of Mexico with an advanced degree in history, has a particular interest in English language learners and the social studies and has presented on this important topic.

Honorable Mention: Doreen Rivera Rapp 
(Adult, Career, and Higher Education)

Ms. Doreen Rivera Rapp . Doreen received her master’s degree in adult education at USF some time ago. Currently, Doreen is a candidate for the doctoral degree. Doreen has served as a police officer on the USF campus and is currently an insurance fraud investigator.